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Farmer Fred's Happydale Ham Spread All-Purpose Spray Blobster
Substandard taste Misdirected spray nozzle Rancid drawn butter
Foul odor Spray nozzle fell off "Fishy" odor
Ruptured tamper seal Blockage in spray nozzle Zip-Krak Shell failure
Bone/gristle count above 50% by volume No spray nozzle included Eye injury due to Zip-Krak Shell splinter
Offensive statement scratched into top layer of hamspread Exploding spray can due to heat Excessive clumping
Trichinosis Exploding spray can due to cold Oil separation
Scurvy Exploding spray can at room temperature Krill still living
  Streaking Evolved Krill
Foreign object in food: After contact with skin or membrane:  
Hair Burning  
Fingernail Chafing  
Insect egg(s) Blistering  
Insect larva(e) Itching  
Insect(s) Flaking  
rodent tail or other rodent part Tingling  
ring, anklet, or other jewelry Loss of bowel control  
silver filling, gold cap or other dental item Uncontrollable hiccups  
  Excessive hair growth  
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