Remember when you were a child, coming to the dinner table greeted by the inviting aroma of mom's special meatloaf, potatoes au gratin and green bean casserole? Didn't that make you feel like the luckiest kid in the world? Of course it didn't -- mom had all day to do that stuff, didn't she? Took your mom for granted, didn't you?
And now, you're a mom. You've just spent the day in meetings, managing multiple priorities and updating your day planner. Who has time to spend hour after hour baking bread, rendering stock and zesting lemon? Nowadays your kids are greeted by two exhausted grownups yelling at them to wolf down slices of the Big New Yorker in time to leave for soccer practice.
Well fret not, Allied Chemical has the answer for you with these quick and easy recipes that will surely make you the envy of all those other negligent, quick-fix, let's-just-call-Pizza-Igloo moms out there.
Chances are, if you're the kind of loyal Allied Chemical consumer we think you are, the ingredients are in your fridge or cupboard right now! Plus, each one takes just milliseconds to prepare, and is chock full of ever so wholesome mom-type goodness. Each dish provides at least 15% of the Surgeon General's Recommended Daily Allowance of Niacin, 35% of Zinc, and 115% of Polyunsaturated Fats (it's the extra 15% that makes it extra good!).