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The 1950's. A victorious and prosperous United States stands as the uncontested champion of the
Western World. A sense of optimism and hope pervades the nation. Allied Chemical is there to lead
America and the world into the dawn of a new era in human history.
Sales of Allied Chemical products skyrocket due to unprecedented post-war prosperity. In a moment of fatherly affection, Farmer Fred decides to put his son Ulysses "Percy" Grumby back in charge of the Advertising Division. Percy meets Criswell at the Bride of the Monster wrap party at the Brown Derby via mutual friend Bunny Breckenridge and signs him to a ten-year endorsement contract. Shortly after the launch of this campaign, Percy is returned to the Food Production Division and Criswell's contract is bought out for $1,500 and a nice referral letter.
As the Cold War continues to rage, plans for swimming pools, jungle gyms and barbeque pits across the backyards of the nation are put on hold as fathers everywhere spend every spare moment constructing concrete bunkers they believe will shield their families from the searing heat and deadly fallout of an atomic explosion in their town. Fortunately, Allied Chemical offers an alternative that is just as effective and considerably cheaper and easier. It just goes to show that then, as now, Allied Chemical not only offers the highest quality consumer products anywhere, we also offer peace of mind.
Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield all represent the feminine ideal of the day. Farmer Fred realizes they all have one physical attribute in common -- healthy, voluptuous hips. The Research and Development team springs into action to develop an additive to help American ladies better emulate the spectacular stars of the day.
In one of the greatest public relations windfalls in Allied Chemical history, revered author Ernest Hemingway reveals in an interview in the New York Times Review of Books that he intends to spend the year 1959 consuming only big game and Farmer Fred's Happydale Hamspread. Advertising executives are dispatched to Hemingway's encampment on the African Savannah to make arrangements for a formal endorsement. Hemingway willingly signs an endorsement deal, but for reasons known only to himself, refuses to accept any payment other than a year's supply of the delectable treat.