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1941...a Depression-weary America is faced with Axis powers looming on the horizon.  A cowardly attack by Japan makes the United States' entry into the war inevitable.
The call went out to every red-blooded American corporate citizen, and Allied Chemical answered.  In exchange for future waivers of Antitrust legislation and FDA approvals, Allied Chemical revitalized its Special Weapons Division, developed a new Victory Hamspread specifically designed for use in K-Rations and focused the full energy of its advertising juggernaut on winning the war at home -- the war for the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere.
Under the guidance of Farmer Fred's number-one son, Ulysses "Percy" Grumby, Allied Chemical's posters elevated propaganda to the level of art.  Not content to simply spur the American public into action against the Axis powers, these posters served to elevate the human the human spirt to a new spirtual plane. 
Percy put his whole being into these posters, spending hour after hour working alone with models in order to get the perfect pose, spending his days locked away in his office reviewing proof after proof, trying to decide on which captured the ideal of the American fighting man.  Sadly, these two posters are the only ones Percy would produce.  After word of Percy's diligence reached Farmer Fred a decision was made to return Percy to managing the food production division.
In wartime, nothing was wasted.  Former food staples such as sugar were rationed heavily, tires were to be saved and old tires used for much-needed rubber for the army -- even animal fats were to be contributed toward the production of explosives.  Allied Chemical enthusiastically joined in, donating 90% of its industrial hamspread production runoff to the war effort.
Good nutrition was a vital component of keeping the American public healthy and alert to ensure vigilence against the ever-present threat of spies.  Allied Chemical contributed this poster in an effort to encourage Americans to eat more and more of the healthiest product possible -- Farmer Fred's Happydale Hamspread.