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Site Name
Dumbentia Great parodies -- and printable too! Coming to a cubicle wall near you. Terrific ad parody site and more...
I resign Wonderfully irreverant and strangely useful U.K. site (U.S. version coming soon). Great resignation stories and actual resignation letters!
Gobler Toys Beautifully done site with hysterical toys such as Senor Sandwich and I Love You Fu Manchu.
Schmuck Chock full of humorous essays and the like.
The Whiter Group You'll need to take a second look to convince yourself this is not an actual company. Chillingly authentic. Ad parodies, clever essays one of the best of it's kind a company after our own hearts, Motivational posters that are must haves in the cubicules of Hell
Man or Astroman? Like the Ventures on heavy psychedelics... Disinformation at it's finest.
Stan Ridgway sublime beautiful...genius... oh and we did the web site
Future Perfect Experimental Trance sound System, and another part of the allied chemical mafia
Evil People INC. Name sort of Says it all...
Lileks (James) Chock full of really interesting stuff, including a daily column and writing archive, various architectural histories, and very amusing images from days gone by.