Stan Ridgway - Anatomy

Stan Ridgway
UltraModern Records
NW6010 (1999)

Mission Bell
Deep Blue Polka Dot
Train of Thought
Murray's Steakhouse Story
Susie Before Sunrise
Sweet Pig Alley
Valerie is Sleeping
Mickey the Priest
Mama Had A Stove
Whistle for Lousie
Picasso's Tear
Sixteen Tons

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Anatomy is a series of portraits -- 12  individual tracks that deal with
the darker hues of the human subconscious. Ridgway paints haunting
characters that stay with you long after the disc is done playing.   While
the portraits may be dark, they are inviting.   Desolation and despair have
long been familiar colors in the Ridgway palate, and for the most part the
characters here aren't ones you'd like to have dinner with, but they make
for fascinating portraiture.

"Over the past couple of years, I've been doing more scoring for film and
TV and I think some of this has crept into the songs, " says Stan. "Dark
and disturbing characters are very attractive to me, and they allow for a
more dramatic approach with the music. I really enjoy the balance of doing
both songs and film scoring. One side feeds the other. I look at these
songs as small films for the imagination. For me, the atmosphere in a piece
is evrything."

In a career that's seen him sell over a half a million records around the
world,  Ridgway has scored hits with "Camouflage" (an international top
five hit), "The Big Heat," "Drive She Said," "I Wanna Be a Boss," and
"Callin' Out to Carol", at the same time making masterfully complicated
records of  stunning   brilliance.  Then of course, there is the ubiquitous
"Mexican Radio" and other recordings from the ground breaking band he
formed and fronted, Wall of Voodoo.

Ridgway is one of the most unique voices in the American landscape.
Rolling Stone once described Ridgway to seem "as if he were passing street
secrets out the corner of his mouth."  Equal parts writer and composer,
tough and gritty words and images meet complex rhythms and seductive
melodies to create a singular listening experience.

"Stan Ridgway is equal parts Raymond Chandler and John Huston, Rod Serling
and Johnny Cash. Haunted by America's pulp serial past, Ridgway has become
his own wireless theater, with a cast of thousands at his fingertips and a
wealth of tales in his head. A rare and famous talent." - The Face

"Some know him just as the long lost singer with the great Wall of Voodoo,
others as one of the great unsung maverick geniuses of our time."
- Melody Maker

Produced by Stan Ridgway
Engineered by Baboo God
Excuitive Producer: Chris Strouth
Recorded at Impala Digital, The Keep, and Insect Behavior - Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Doug Schwartz at Audio Mechanics, July 1999

Stan Ridgway - guitars, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
David Sutton - electric and acoustic bass
Pietra Wexstun - keyboards, vocals, whip-snag ocilators
Ivan Knight - drums and percussion, surfing tips
Rick King - twang guitars and merlot
Larry Grennan - electronics and audio opinions
Mr Mickey - prayers and incense
Jerome "the lip" Bangote -trumpet, flugelhorn
Adrid Frid - harp, dulmicer
Jeff Stooger - recorder, stoopid flute
Tommy Arizona - pedal steel guitar
Bart Funsten - studio assistance and newspaper
Jackie "teak" Lazar - old show-biz stories & woodburner

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