Vinnie & the Stardusters
Novelty Music for Casual Sex
GMZ-07 (1998)

Sesame Street/ An LA Woman - The Girl from Ipanema Wants to Kill Me - Blame it on the Botswanans - Stalkin' After Midnight - Quesadilla: a Tortilla with Cheez/ Walk Around Naked - I'm Committin' Suicide - I'm All a-Walkin' on the Sunshine - Bake My Pie - Rub the Ducky/ Exorcist IV or What? - Houses - The Polka Toboggan - "I've Got Lots of Friends" - The Drinking Song - Pandomonium (i) Climb Every Mountain (ii) Eine Kinda Not Muzak (iii) Mares Eat Oats (iv) Bela Lugosi's Shoes - Ode to a Pig - XXXMas Song

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(full song)

In Your Houses (2.6M)

Vinnie & the Stardusters are:
John T Perkins - dirty jokes, bass
Eric Dregni - rock grimaces, guitar
Nick Hook - giggles, skins

Produced and Engineered by Michael Wisti

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